CBSE chairman Vineet Joshi has said, ‘In todays world good communication raises the self-esteem of a student. CBSE wants students to acquire proficiency in communication skills by the time they leave school. In the present day global markets, speaking well and listening are considered essential life In order to achieve this, the provision of assessment of speaking and listening skills has been made  compulsory in Summative as well as Formative assessments in Secondary classes and in internal assessment and term-end examination in Class XI.

 A two day workshop was conducted by CBSE at Red Roses Public School, Saket to familiarise the teachers with the objectives and techniques of assessment of speaking and listening skills. These teachers could further act as Oral Examiners in their respective schools. Ms Sharmila BanerjeeMs. Smriti Bahl from the English department of the Vidyalaya attended the workshop.

 On day I of the workshop the resource people from CBSE Ms. Kiran BhattMs. Nandita Sinha Roy Ms. Radha briefed the teachers about the use and importance of Phonetics, Intonation and stress,Role of a teacher, classroom arrangement, Revised Bloom’s Taxonomy and an array of questioning Techniques so that the teaching and testing objectives of Listening and Speaking skills are achieved.

On day II teachers were given a sample as to how the listening skills are to be assessed in classes IX and XI. They were also given the performance descriptors and some guidelines regarding the assessment of speaking skills. The hands-on experience with the procedure of the speaking test to be conducted by the examiners proved to be an enriching experience as the teachers felt confident

About the success of the endeavour of CBSE.